Rules of Stay

As a nature conservancy, Marloth Park has very strict rules of stay, that, if broken, are punishable by law. Our guests are advised of the following restrictions, and respectfully encouraged to obey to avoid prosecution.


* Speed limits are strictly 30 km on dust roads and 50 km on tar roads.
* Vehicles do not have right of way where animals, birds, lizards, snakes, etc.: are on the road. There are no exceptions to this rule and you are advised to be vigilant in looking out for animals and creatures on the road.
* A sunset to sunrise curfew is enforced for all residents and guests.
* The use of hand-held spotlights is prohibited for night viewing, to avoid temporary blinding of our animals.
* Pets are strictly prohibited and carry heavy fines and risk of removal.
* Strict noise restrictions are enforced at ALL time. Offenders WILL be heavily fined and prosecuted.

While Marloth Park is considered to be a low risk malaria area, we recommend that our guests follow the advice of their medical practitioners when deciding whether or not they should take preventative prophylactics.

Bona Ngwenya Policies:
*Children of all ages are welcome, subject to the risk and vigilant care and responsibility of their parents/ guardians.
*Check-in is strictly after 2 pm and check-out is strictly by 10 am.
*Guests violating Marloth Park rules/ by-laws and/ or Bona Ngwenya policies, may be required to leave immediately, and their reservations will be non-refundable.
*Deposits & Cancellations: Bookings without a deposit will be cancelled by the system within 24hrs. Bookings are only confirmed on payment of deposit, and the balance is payable in advance, 1 month before arrival. No-shows, late arrivals, or premature departures incur full payment of the booking.

Reservations modified or cancelled up to 30 days before check-in will not incur penalties or fees. However, modifications and cancellations made less than 30 days before arrival are subject to full payment of the reservation.