Exceptional location, luxury accommodation, exciting safaris...

Bona Ngwenya Lodge and Safaris is owned by your hosts, Dennis and Inge. Guests around the globe have come to appreciate their combined passion for giving their guests the best possible Kruger Park holiday experience.

For this dynamic duo, Bona Ngwenya Lodge and Safaris is all about sharing what they love about the bush, with others. After buying the lodge from the original owners, their first guests enjoyed the luxury and welcoming atmosphere of this special place in 2016. They are both detail-orientated and for Inge, this, combined with her gift of hospitality and love of people, is expressed through personal service and thoughtful touches throughout the lodge.

“We had a French guest who wanted me to teach him to cook a traditional South African meal,” Inge shares. “It was a privilege to share a part of our culture with him, and to learn about how it differs from the French culture. When guests request meals, I enjoy preparing delicious fare for them, made with all the heart and soul of our South African love of food, family and friends.” Many guests will attest to Inge’s hospitality and have memories of special birthdays and events that were made even more memorable with her special touches.


For Dennis, the joy and excitement of sharing the treasures and intricacies of Kruger Park’s fauna and flora with others, is very rewarding. “Every safari is unique and you are constantly seeing, learning and experiencing new things in the bush – it’s awesome!”

Inge and Dennis know the amazing impact that the peace and tranquility of the wild can have, first-hand. While living in the city, they made frequent pilgrimages to the bush, and these experiences culminated in the purchase of Bona Ngwenya. They confess to falling in love with the view, and value the freedom and restoration one finds in nature. THIS is at the heart of what they strive to bring their guests. “I used to leave with a heavy heart after our Kruger trips,” says Dennis. “Returning to civilization was always hard.” Many of their guests identify strongly, and perhaps you do too?

Inge and Dennis also have a home on the premises, and for many guests, this has been a blessing, as they have been on-hand when needed without compromising the privacy of their guests. So, if you are looking for a truly restorative luxury immersion in the wilds of Kruger Park, with personal service and unbelievably affordable rates, book your stay here, and your exciting safaris here.